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9 July
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1) What is your occupation?

I'm a student mental health nurse (first year) and an occasional life model.

2) Where do you live, and who with?

In an upside-down house with my partner and our two cats.

3) Lovelife/Relationship(s)/Marital status?

Recently engaged, which is awesome but doesn't seem quite real. :) In a settled, monogamous heterosexual relationship, which still surprises me a bit.

4) What do you do for fun?

I love my job and wind up reading nursing textbooks/articles/blogs/anything for fun. I also love life modelling and keep forgetting that I actually get paid for it. The release of The Hobbit movie has rekindled my Tolkien nerdiness and I'm revisiting Unfinished Tales. Partner and I are currently reading Fellowship together before we go to sleep. Polishing off some TV shows I want to finish or rewatch: Mighty Boosh, Futurama, Doctor Who, The West Wing, The Wire, Pushing Daisies. I like to Tweet, tumblr, journal and YELL IN CAPSLOCK with my best friend on GChat. I've also started playing horseball.

Uh. The rest of my hobbies are NSFW.

5) Would you describe yourself as a feminist?

Unequivocally, except I wish the label hadn't been co-opted by awful people who like to tell other women they're Doin' It Rong.

6) What other systems do you use besides LJ, and what other online names might we know you by?

I mostly live on Twitter and Tumblr, also as scritchesandtea. I crosspost using Dreamwidth. Before the name change, I was scribblingage.

7) What is most likely to make you want to rant?


8) What cheers you up?

Tea with sugar in it, cuddles, my cats, my Paddington Bear, cute animals pictures/videos, wordplay, doing something useful. This is my checklist for when I'm upset.

9) Where do you come from?

Northern Ireland aka Norn Iron.

10) Where are you going?

To make another cup of tea, I'm freezing!